Aquastorm is an Autobot and the twin brother of Aquastorm. He is the largest Triple-changer so far, and is loyal to the Autobot cause. He is capable of transforming into a drill tank or a T-Rex.


Aquastorm underwent the same process as Aquastrike so he can help his brother in battle.

Drill ModeEdit

250px-GoZyu Drill

Drill Mode

As a triple-changer, Aquastorm is able to transform into two alternate modes. The first is a drill tank armed with a front-mounted drill and two forward Blasters on the "knees".

Dino ModeEdit

250px-GoZyu Rex

Dino Mode

Aquastorm is also able to transform into a T-Rex mode with the Drill becoming his tail. The Drill Blasters on the Drill tank mode are useless in this form, but he can fire an energy beam from the mouth. The drill can be used for digging or as a deadly tail-mounted melee weapon.

Dino Thunder ModeEdit

Aquastorm can combine with Aquastrike for a new combination. (See Aquastrike's article for more details)