Arcee is Autobot steath expert in Transformers: Protectors of the Allspark. She is the Timeline 1 equivalent of the canon Gwen.

Appearance Edit

She has her Prime appearance, but her colors match the color palette of Cyberverse. He has lighter skin and a differently-shaped beak. Her hands are now black, but with white stripes on her knees. The spikes on her arms are longer and his body is mostly pink instead of blue.The Autobot symbol is on her chest.

Personality Edit

Arcee is fiesty,witty,moral, and good fembot willing to defend her friends

Powers and Abilities Edit

Arcee is extremly fearsome and formidable in combat and skilled marksman


In addition to her powers, Arcee usually uses two blasters as her weapon.


She is overprotective of her friends and family, especially Ethan. When they are badly hurt, she will not be able to think straight, instead relying on brute force. Arcee is vulnerable to Soundwave's blastwaves.