Bumblebee is scout of Ark Crew under the command of Optimus Prime.He is the Timeline 1 equivalent of the canon Bumblebee

Appearance Edit

He has his Cyberverse appearance but with a smaller torso and longer legs.Like his has one black stripe but the legs are gold but helmet light yellow.The stripes on his legs and wheels are black instead of gray

He speaks with his original series voice

Personality Edit

He remains his Robot in Disguise (2015)

Powers and Abilities Edit

Bee's powers come from his electrical stringers who any bots in static and he has trained in little combat and possesses and incredible photographic memory.

In Combat Bee is confident and agile,faster than ever

Bumblebee now has ability to absorb and redirect electricity

Weaknesses Edit

Bumblebee's size can be a problem if fighting larger opponents.

History Edit

Appearances Edit

  • An Unexpected Changes
  • Duped
  • The Nature of the Things

Trivia Edit

  • Credits to Killer190 for the infobox image.
  • Bee's voice is slightly deeper than in Animated due to him being older.
  • Bumblebee's new power is basic to Ben 10:Omniverse Feedback


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