Cassandra is adoptive mother of Ethan Witwicky since his real parents have died during Transformers: Protectors of Allspark

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Human Edit

Cassandra is a female with black long hair a white-blue dress with a black belt and glasses, with a long-sleeved pink shirt with a black stripe down the middle

Micro Queen Edit


As Micro Queen she is more taller than her human form with dark green skin, humanoid-shaped construct of pure energy. From her head radiate streams of glowing bright green energy, which look like tentacles,symbolizing hair.

Personality Edit

Unlike other mothers she is free-spirited being,sweet towards Ethan but timid about her secret,while Micro Queen is much more feral.She does not usually think things through and is very protective of those she cares about.

Powers and Abilities Edit

Cassandra possesses a readly big great calculative and technical intellect.

Weaknesses Edit

Micro-Queen does not usually think things through and is much more likely to attack anyone he deems as a threat to him or his loved ones.

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She was infected by a radioactivie chemicals and she tried to ivent a wristlet-like DNA Stabilizer to control her Micro Queen and she hided from her son over 10 years

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