"I consider myself better than Galvatron." - Megatron

Early Life Edit

Megatron was created by the Quintessons as the successor of the original Megatron. Megatron became the leader of the Predacons after Predaking was destroyed by Galvatron. Megatron, along with other Predacons, raided the Decepticon base and almost destroyed every Decepticon. Some Decepticons surrendered to the Predacons and joined them like Wasp

Megatron then confronted Galvatron and killed him. Once Optimus Primal heard what Megatron had done he started to form the Maximals. The Maximals and Predacons engaged in a second civil war that could not be stopped. Megatron was able to kill Maximus Prime and Optimus Primal became the new Prime. After years of fighting, Megatron obtained time travel technology from a mercenary.

Megatron and the Predacons went to there ship and Megatron had a idea. The Maximals followed the Predacons and soon enough both Predacons and Maximals crash-landed into a prehistoric Earth. Megatron and the Predacons then awoke and the Beast Wars were about to begin.

Beast Wars (2016) Edit

  • Voiced by: David Kaye

After the crash Megatron scanned tyrannosaurus rex bones and he took the form of a cybertronian tyrannosaurus rex. Megatron soon discovered that the Maximals were alive and he ordered Waspinator to find energon. Waspinator reported back to Megatron saying that Cheetor attacked him.