Megatron is leader of the Decepticons and former Keon Gladiator from the planet Cybertron in Transformers: Protectors of Allspark.He is the Timeline 1 equivalent of the canon Megatron

Appearance Edit

He has his Generation 1, but his colors match the color palette of Cyberverse. He is taller, more muscular has longer helmet and larger eyes. The ends of his fingers are dark white and his skin is a slightly darker shade of gray. He has his Prime feet and helicopter routers on chest, but the pattern on his chestplate is different. He has bloody red optics. The Decepticon symbol is on his chest in center of routers.


Megatron is ruthless, cruel and power-hungry. His primary objective seems to be gaining the Allspark so that he can use it to take over the universe. He is known to be very manipulative, notably so of the Galactic Code of Conduct, in order to achieve his goals.

Despite his cruel and villainous tendencies,Megatron does care about his own people (taking his role as Cybertron's ruler and champion very seriously)

Powers and Abilities Edit

Megatron has incredible natural strength.

Megatron has incredible durability. 

Megatron has incredible agility.

Megatron has cannon that can shoot a blastwave capable of destroying a entire army

Weaknesses Edit

Despite his enhanced durability, there is a limit to how much damage his body can take before being fatally injured.

According to Optimus his arrogance is soure to all Decepticon looses.

History Edit


Appearances Edit

  • An Unexpected Changes
  • Duped

Trivia Edit

  • Like canon equivalent he can transforms into helicopter
  • Credit to Keino189 for the infobox image 


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