Ratchet is a Autobot medic who appears in Transformers: Protector of the Allspark.He is the Timeline 1 equivalent of the canon Ratchet.

Appearance Edit

He has his Forget to Fight appearance, but his colors match the color palette of Cyberverse.Like his Prime appearance his chrest is red and longer and he has little pieces of metal protruding from his shoulders,wrists and knees.

Transformation SequenceEdit


Ratchet rolls to Ground Bridge's dial and is engulfed in a red light.

Ratchet hovers in a white background, with light gray bubbles pulsating rapidly behind him, as he crouches down.

Personality Edit

Ratchet is older than most of the other Autobots which meant that he is more wiser. He is rather cranky at times and would often lash out at his teammates if they did something that annoy him, this was mostly due from the annoyance in general and the loss of Cybertron which he loved greatly, which he would do almost anything to revive his home planet, even joining the Decepticons in reviving Cybertron back to life.

Despite this, he cares a great deal for his fellow Autobots as he often repaired them and gave them advise; Initially he is not exactly fond of humans but as time progressed he came to accept them and became their friend. Ratchet did not appear to enjoy parties or celebrations even, as a scientist however he enjoyes working on various scientific endeavours. Ratchet always looks out for his team, which they all viewed him as the best medical officer, scientist, and friend they had on their team.

Powers and Abilities Edit

Ratchet has a vast medical intelligentce

Ratchet is able to project magnetic fields that are capable of overloading electrical circuits and can attract magnetic materials to himself. He can also emit magnetic pulses that allows him to magnetize any ferromagnetic metals (iron, nickel, cobalt, and gallium), causing objects he magnetizes to attract everything magnetic to fly and collide with the target. As such, he has telekinetic control over metal, allowing him to levitate and move them without physical contact. His magnetic pulses are white.

Ratchet can generate a red magnetic force field that protects him from most ballistic attacks.

Ratchet can levitate and fly.

Ratchet possesses enhanced strength.

Weaknesses Edit

His powers are useless against nonmetallic objects

Ratchet can be frozen, which renders him immobile and making his magnetism useless

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  • An Unexpected Changes
  • Duped
  • ????

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