The Transformers is an American cartoon animated television based on the Transformers franchise. The show is like G1 meets Robots in Disguise (2001 TV Series), Animated, and Prime.

Cast Edit

Autobots Edit

George Newbaum as Optimus Prime

Johnny Yong Bosch as Bumblebee

Kurtwood Smith as Ratchet

Hynden Walch as Stormcould, Skydive

Brian Blooms as Hound

Keith Szarabajka as Ironhide

Troy Baker as Jetfire

Kevin Michael Richardson as Grimlock

Fred Tatasciore as Slug,

Mark Allen Steward as Swoop

Patrick Seitz as Silverbolt

David Kaye as Alpha Bravo, Defensor

Jeff Bennett as Fireflight, Superion

Rino Romano as Powerglide

Clancy Brown as Ultra Magnus

Robin Aktin Downes as Hot Spot

Ian Hecox as First Aid

Anthony Padilla as Streetwise

Lacey Chabert as Blades

Travis Willingham as Groove

Decepticons Edit

John DiMaggio as Megatron, Wreckage, Devastator

Ron Perlman as Shockwave

John Kassir as Starscream, Laserbeak

Isaac C. Singleton, Jr. as Soundwave

Frank Welker as Ravage,

Gray Anthony Williams as Demolishor

Keith David as Astrotrain

Tara Strong as Runamuck

Steven Blum as Scrapper

Daran Norris as Mixmaster, Blast Off

James Woods as Steamhammer

James Arnold Taylor as Heavy Lord

Mark Hamill as Onslaught

Nolan North as Swindle

David Kaye as Tankor

Vanessa Marshell as Vortex

Charlie Adler as Bruticus,

Humans Edit

Jesse McCartney as Spike Witwicky

Dave Boat as Clancy Witwicky

Mae Whitman as Carly Spencer

Logan Miller as Chip Chase

Episodes Edit

Season 1 Edit

  1. "Transform and... Roll Out!, Pt. 1" -
  2. "Transform and... Roll Out!, Pt. 2" -
  3. "Transform and... Roll Out!, Pt. 3" -
  4. "Schooled" -
  5. "Brian and Brawn" -
  6. "Is There a Ratchet in the House?" -
  7. "" -
  8. "" -
  9. "" -
  10. "" -
  11. "" -
  12. "" -
  13. "" -
  14. "" -
  15. "" -
  16. "" -
  17. "" -
  18. "" -
  19. "" -
  20. "" -