Transformers: Earth Heroes is an American cartoon animated television based on the Transformers franchise where its airs on Discovery Family an air after Transformers: Robots in Disguise (2015 TV Series) ended. where the show is created by Greg Weisman while its also being co-created by Man of Action Studios.

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Characters Edit

Autobots Edit

Main Autobots Edit
  • Optimus Prime (Voiced by Peter Cullen): The leader of the Autobots. He is wise, brave, heroic, noble, honorable, jolly, respected, and know fighting for what right where he believes that all begins should devise to live in freedom which he vow to protect the weakest of beings. He transforms into an semi-truck.
  • Hound (Voiced by Brian Blooms):
  • Red Alert (Voiced by Jessica DiCicco):
  • Bumblebee (Voiced by Seth Green):
  • Jazz (Voiced by Phil LaMarr):
  • Windblade (Voiced by Kelly Wu):
  • Rhinox (Voiced by Kevin Michael Richardson):
  • Cybershark (Voiced by Laura Bailey):
Elite Guards Edit
Dinobots Edit
  • Grimlock (Voiced by Gregg Berger): The most fearsome and powerful king of the Dinobots with mighty strength and a voracious appetite who is somewhat a least bit intelligence. He Transforms into a T-Rex.
  • Slag (Voiced by Patrick Warburton): The toughest Dinobot, who is sadly, the only dumb one. But, Slag uses his brute strength to gives his fellow Dinobots a push of fighting the enemies. He Transforms into a triceratops.
  • Longrack (Voiced by Roger Craig Smith): The smartest Dinobot on the team. Longrack serve as the team's weapon expert. He transforms into a brachiosaurus.
  • Striker (Voiced by ):
  • Scorn (Voiced by Steven Blum):
  • Airraptor (Voiced by Tara Strong):
Other Autobots Edit

Decepticons Edit

Main Decepticons Edit
  • Megatron (Voiced by Frank Welker):
  • Shockwave (Voiced by Corey Burton):
  • Starscream (Voiced by Steven Blum):
  • Soundwave (Voiced by Frank Welker):
    • Laserbeak (Voiced by Dee Bradley Baker):
    • Rumble (Voiced by David Kaye):
    • Ravage (Voiced by Frank Welker):
    • Frenzy (Voiced by Jessica DiCicco):
  • Divebomb (Voiced by Robin Aktin Downes):
  • Tantrum (Voiced by Fred Tatasciore):
  • Paylord (Voiced by ):
  • Octane (Voiced by Dave Boat):
Other Decepticons Edit

Humans Edit

  • Spike Witwicky:
  • Clancy Witwicky:
  • Carly Spencer:
  • Chip Chase:

Other Transformers Edit

  • Unicron:

Mini-Cons Edit

Autobots' Mini-Con Partners Edit
  • Sparkplug:
Decepticons' Mini-Con Partners Edit
Other Mini-Cons Edit
  • Leader-1: The supreme leader of the Mini-Cons,

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