This a Transformers show I made.


One day, Team Autobot was fighting the Decepticons, when the Decepticons brought out their Dimensional Blaster. 6 Autobots got hit while Red Alert and Perceptor retreated. The portal backfires, and sent the 5 Decepticons to the Solar System. Megatron, badly damaged from the fight, tells Starscream to find Energon. The Earth had enough Energon to fuel all of the robots on Cybertron.

When they arive, it turns out the Autobots have alredy arrived. But, they can't fight because their are too many buildings and streets. They retreated and started to look for a home. The Autobots find a temple with Energon. They rebuild it so it would look better. While on the other hand, the Decepticons found an underground lair belonging to Shockwave, a lost warrior who was also hit by the Dimensional Portal Blaster. Then, the two teams search Earth for disguises. Everybody but Bulkhead found an Alt. Mode. Then a tank passes by and he scans it.

Now, the Autobots and Decepticons must fight until one becomes victorious and gets the Matrix. They get help along the way from other Autobots and Decepticons.



  1. Optimus Prime- volkswagon buggy
  2. Bumblebee- nissian miagra
  3. Ratchet- space shuddle
  4. Hot Shot- dirt
  5. Ironhide- ford lazer
  6. Bulkhead- motobike

7.  Unicron- rainbow lazar

  1. Arcee- Motor
  2. Perceptor- Mars Drone, Satellite
  3. Red Alert- SWAT Vehicle
  4. Jetfire- titanic
  5. Megatron- gun
  6. Mirage- Drag Racer
  7. Prowl- Police Car
  8. Omega Supreme- Space Ship
  9. Ultra Magnus- Car Carrier, Semi-Trailer Truck
  10. Leon- Lion
  11. Slither- Snake
  12. Arachna- Spider
  13. Grimlock- T-Rex
  14. Swoop- Pteranodon
  15. Snarl- Triceratops
  16. High-End- Brachiosaurus
  17. Shell-Back- Stegosarus


  1. pewdiepie!!
  2. Shockwave- Tank
  3. Soundwave- CD Player
  4. Starscream- Jet
  5. Laserbeak- CD
  6. Off Road- Off-Road Vehicle
  7. Nemesis Prime- Fire Truck
  8. Blitzwing- Jet, Tank
  9. Thunder Craker- Jet
  10. Skywarp- Jet
  11. Ravage- CD
  12. Motor Master- Truck
  13. Arrow- Jet
  14. Twirl- Jet
  15. Flipper- Motorcycle
  16. Dash- Motorcycle
  17. Scorponok- Scorpion
  18. Croc- Alligator
  19. Soar- Eagle
  20. Mix Master- Cement Mixer
  21. Breakdown- Bull Dozer
  22. Hook- Crane
  23. Scrapper- Front-End Loader
  24. Long Haul- Dump Truck

NOTE: Megatron upgrades to Opimus Prime!!!!!!

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