Transformers (2018TV Series) that is replacement of (RID 2015) on my way



  • Optimus Prime - Peter Cullen
  • Bumblebee - Will Friendle
  • Ironhide - Diedrich Bader
  • Ratchet - Jeffrey Combs
  • Jazz - Phill LaMarr
  • Hound - John DiMaggio
  • Bluestreak - Bumper Robinson


  • Megatron - Frank Welker
  • Starscream,Skywarp,Dead End - Dee Bradley Baker
  • Soundwave - Jeff Bennett
    • Laserbeak
    • Rumble - Keith Silverstein
  • Blitzwing - Andrew Jackson
  • Thundercracker - Graham McTravish
  • Swindle - Fred Willard
  • Drag Strip - Maurice LaMarche


Autobots are trying to restore there devastated home planet but Decepticons are chasing them and crashed on Earth for One Million years and awakening to become Robots in 1 Season Sam Witwicky an brave teenager who loves challenges decides to walk through the woods until he has seen a broken ship and a metal lady tells him to flee on Season 2 the group and E.D.F. are facing T.R.F. new Decepticons