Turbo Falcon

Turbo Falcon Robot Mode.


Turbo Falcon is a Guardian Robot built by Solus Prime. He never participated with the other Guardian Robots and the Primes against Unicron because he was uncontrollable during testing and never listened to anyone. He was sealed away and deactivated under Iacon or underground in the area where Iacon would be built. Some time later, during the Great War, some Autobots accidently reactivated him and he started driving through the city like a maniac. It took a while for Aquastrike to tame him. Since being tamed, he has learned the value of working with others. Now, whenever Aquastrike or Aquastorm require his assistance, he would race to the rescue as fast as possible!

Capabilities Edit

Vehicle ModeEdit

250px-Engine Mach Falcon 004

Vehicle Mode

Turbo Falcon can transform into a car based on an Indy 500 race car. He can fire laser beams from the front engine, missiles from the (tailpipe is it called). The wheels fold down to change to a hover mode with the wheels acting like turbines.

RPM ModeEdit

250px-Go On GokaiOh

RPM Mode

Aquastrike can combine with Turbo Falcon to form Aquastrike's RPM Mode. Similar to the WIld Force Mode, Turbo Falcon replaces the Super Mega Wheeler and Super Mega Sub, with Aquastrike attaching to his back. In this formation, RPM Aquastrike can fly by switching the Turbo Falcon’s wheels to hover mode and his finisher is the RPM Grand Prix where after ascending into the air, RPM Aquastrike drops toward the enemy and bisects them with an overhead slash from one of his swords.

Ultimate Warrior ModeEdit

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Ultimate Warrior Mode

Aquastrike's Skyship, Aquastorm, and Turbo Falcon can combine to form the Ultimate Warrior Mode. Like with the Dino Thunder Mode, Aquastorm's mind is transferred to Aquastrike's body along with Turbo Falcon, where they all control the robot mode.

The Ultimate Warrior Mode attacks with missiles fired from the finger tips of his enlarged left hand, and a slash attack from Aquastorm's drill which serves as its right arm. The Ultimate Warrior Mode's strongest attack is the Flying Punch where Aquastrike fires his left hand at the target to blast through whatever it hits. The Ultimate Warrior Mode also has a more powerful finisher called Ultimate Aquastrike Flash Attack where after summoning the Mystic Dragon, the Delta Runner, Red Lion, and the Ninja Zord; the Legendary Zords combine their firepower (the Mystic Dragon breathing a jet of flame, Delta Runner firing its forward bumper lasers, Red Lion firing a Mega Roar, and the Ninja Zord firing his shurikens to further weaken the opponent before Ultimate Aquastrike finishes them off with the Flying Punch.