Hey guys, i got alot to cover in little time.

1.) We will see the Ben 10 aliens and PR Megazords.

2.) The Ark will convert into its Battle Station mode/Space Station!

3.) There will be a ton of action for a two 1 1/2 movie.

These are the Zords and Megazords that are rumored to appear:

  • Samurai Megazord
  • Claw Battlezord
  • Tiger Zord
  • Octo Zord
  • Claw Armor Megazord
  • Claw Battlezord North
  • Samurai Drill Cannon
  • Super Claw Armor Megazord (Rumored)

These are the Kre-O's that will appear:

  • Sentinel Prime (Soundwave, Himself, Thundercracker, and Driver)
  • Mirage (Himself and Driver)
  • Autobot Jazz (Himself and Driver)
  • Optimus Prime (Small)
  • Bumblebee (Small)
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